Mike Naylor

bsc, msc, senr

Mike is a leading health and performance nutritionist with over 15 years’ experience in elite sport. In his role as Head of Nutrition for the English Institute of Sport, he provides expertise to 25 of Team GB’s Olympic and Paralympic sports.

Education & Qualifications

Mike is currently the Head of Nutrition for the UK Sports Institute where he works with over 20 nutritionists providing support to 25 of Team GB's Olympic and Paralympic sports. He was the lead nutritionist for Team GB at the Rio 2016 Olympics. Mike provided nutrition support to England Rugby for over 8 years working with both the Senior Men and Women teams. In football, Mike was the performance nutritionist at Southampton FC for 6 seasons and now works with the England Football Senior men's team and was part of the support team that travelled to the 2018 World Cup, 2020 European Championships and 2023 World Cup. Mike is also the director of Fuelling Performance who provides nutrition support to the McLaren F1 team, Marylebone Health Group, and high performing individuals. 

BSc in Sport and Exercise Science (2006)
MSc in Sport and Exercise Science (Nutrition)

Contact information

LinkedIn:  Mike Naylor

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